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Your expert in turnkey hydroponic lettuce greenhouse development solutions

Havelettuce Projects offers you 2 and 4 hectare turnkey (standardized) hydroponic lettuce greenhouses. Together with our partners we bring over 100+ years of combined company experience in developing large-scale hydroponic greenhouses for e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, seeding, strawberries and medicinal cannabis. Our team has built over 400 greenhouse facilities throughout the world from projects as small as 0.1 hectares to over 100 hectares.   

Hydroponic farming is a sound investment! It is a method of growing plants in a soilless environment by relying on a nutrient rich water solvent solution. Hydroponics can rapidly help serve unmet demands for fresh vegetables by being grown close to their markets. Growing produce in a hydroponic greenhouse has many advantages. Greenhouse temperatures and inputs can be precicely controlled, allowing plants to grow faster and face fewer diseases than their outside soil counterparts. Furthermore, a close-loop irrigation system results in major water savings and uses less fertilizers. This prevents pollutants from entering soil and groundwater as seen with open-field production. 

Our greenhouses can be adapted to many different crops, and facilitate ease of rotation. Finally, growing hydroponic vegetables closer to consumers will reduce food miles and help reverse the trend of foreign produce imports. Havelettuce Project makes lettuce cultivation in greenhouses possible for anyone in any climate. We provide all the necessary tools needed to succeed in this industry. We offer 2 and 4 hectare turnkey lettuce greenhouses projects. 

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