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What we do

Your turnkey expert in greenhouse lettuce cultivation

Havelettuce Projects designs your greenhouse to be as automated as possible. We take on all aspects of the development project by providing:

  • location assessments;
  • climate assessments;
  • utility load studies;
  • feasibility studies;
  • community outreach and education;
  • permitting and incentive procurement;
  • engineering and construction;
  • project management;
  • crop and harvest advice;
  • grower consultation and training.

Havelettuce Projects manages your entire project from start to finish. This means you only deal with one company. Furthermore, we provide project anonymity to our customers to provide a competitive edge by being the face of the project until it goes live. 

One-stop-shop: Our turnkey package includes:


Our in-house 50-point parameter assessment tool is used to locate and assess potential properties for greenhouse development while identifying other due diligence studies and regulatory requirements needed for development. Multiple locations are run simultaneously to highlight the best sites from a social, economical, environmental and logistical perspective while at the same time creating competition amongst candidate locations. 

Climate Study

Historic weather data is used to understand the weather characteristics of the area which is run through an in-depth mathematical climate model to determine the optimal greenhouse climate conditions needed for a specific site. This model factors in the given type of weather conditions that can be expected, in order to determine the necessary infrastructure required for growing while optimizing costs. 

Utility Loads

Site-specific utility load and time-of-use reports are created to assist utility providers in understanding load swings, peak demands, connection requirements for electricity, gas, water and sewer.  Engagement with utility providers is done to determine available capacity on the lines and whether design changes are required to accommodate existing conditions and/or optimizing infrastructure costs.

Design and Engineering

We design and engineer the entire greenhouse to meet CE standards. Furthermore, our in-house engineers work with local companies to ensure all local, state and federal requirements are met and approved by the appropriate authorities.

Financial Feasibility

The financial feasibility model is run during pre-construction activities. It is based on the projected capital investment and estimated operating costs to determine financial viability of the project. Each financial model is project-specific to the type of product grown, sales market, packaging type, etc… that the intended client envisions. This model is able to predict return of investment based on either our predetermined numbers or with client-specific values. 


Assess the major markets and logistical routes available to understand how product can be moved and sold. We evaluate the estimated populations levels at different driving radius to understand potential penetration rates. 

Greenhouse Structure

All framing materials are tailor-made in our own in-house aluminum manufacturing facility. By manufacturing the greenhouse skeleton, we can maintain the utmost quality in materials and onsite building assembly.  


A variety of different energy, solar and insect netting screens are installed to improve growing efficiency, reduce operating costs and maintain building environment. The greenhouse location will influence screen number and type.

Climate Control Systems (Heating & Cooling)

Integration of sensors, software and computers allow for seamless adjustments to be integrated to the indoor climate no matter the outside conditions. There are a number of climate systems that can be installed depending on the utility availability and cost.  

Electrical and Lighting systems

All electrical work is installed to make the greenhouse functional. Furthermore, supplementary lighting is added to increase year-round plant productivity. Depending on the location will influence the type (HPS, LED or Hybrid) and number of lights installed.

Mobile Gulley system

Moving gullies allow for optimization of your growing area to increase plant yields while reducing labor cost through automated planting and harvesting equipment. Hortiplan and Green Automation are the two companies we work with to offer our clients growing systems that can cover all lettuce varieties and weights. 


No water is wasted as all water is collected, treated and recycled back into the gully system for plant use. Furthermore, the irrigation system allows for transportation ease and optimum use of nutrients to the root systems. The irrigation system is strictly monitored to ensure the optimum nutrient mixture is achieved. 

Autonomous Growing System (Optional)

Using a data platform along with artificial intelligence sensors will help improve operational efficiencies and plant balances to increase greenhouse productivity. Machine learning allows the system to understand what environments work best for the plant to achieve higher productivity and healthier plants. 

Automated Harvesting and Packing

To limit the amount of human exposure in the greenhouse facility automated machines can be installed for germination, harvesting, processing and packaging. The levels of automation selected will determine the number of employees required. 

Site Preparation

We will work with local surveyors, civil engineers and levelers to prepare the site to meet the specific needs required to construct a greenhouse structure. Our design ensures the site is optimized so there is no wasted space. 

Material Procurement

We procure all the materials and equipment required to build the greenhouse and have our logistic team ensure it arrives safely onsite.

Construction of the Facility

We fully build your lettuce greenhouse. We manufacture your greenhouse in-house at our production facility and work with our partners and suppliers to seamlessly construct your facility on the selected location. We hire and train local subcontractors during the build so there is local knowledge present once the facility is operational. 

Overall Project Management

We are the single point of contact that will be responsible from start of the project to post-delivery of the greenhouse. Every step of the way is run through our team so budgets can be managed and project changes can be quickly addressed.


We manufacture your greenhouse in-house at our production facility and work with our partners to seamlessly construct your facility on your selected location. 

Geographical locations

The desired location of the lettuce greenhouse will influence the climate, lighting and irrigation systems required for the most optimum growing conditions. As a customer at Havelettuce Projets you can select from three different climate zones which include:

  • Cold/dry
  • Warm/dry
  • Warm/humid

Lettuce Varieties

Our greenhouses can grow a number of different varieties of head and leaf lettuces along with various herb options. By working together, we can assist you to determine the best varieties for your desired market along with providing projected production levels. 

Product Packaging

As a Havelettuce Projects customer you have the option to package your lettuce in a variety of ways. You can choose a simple single-packaging option or multi-packaging solution depending on your marketing strategy. Our team will work with you to determine what packaging fits your needs the best.


Your budget will influence the level of automation implemented into the greenhouse. Havelettuce Projects will work with you to determine the sweet spot regarding the number of employees to the level of automation that makes the most sense for your business. Automation technology can be employed for seeding, germination, gully transportation and harvesting operations. 

Research & Business Development

The driving force behind a process of continuous improvement and further development of our products and processes. 

Product ImprovementAll our products meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and durability. However, that does not mean that products cannot be improved. We continuously strive to further develop and improve our products.

Product Support No matter how well a project is prepared, unforeseen circumstances can arise during construction. With our many years of experience, we won’t wiggle out of our commitment to you. Issues or even entire projects that deserve a little extra attention get ours too. With us you will get our full attention and support. 

Business DevelopmentContinued development of existing products is essential, but Business Development certainly also focuses on developing new methods and standards. Making visualized quotes using 3D animation is a good example of this. 

3D Visualization

The future project is brought to life step by step by means of 3D visualizations, views and film. All aspects, such as external views, but also all equipment and installations used in the greenhouse, such as insect mesh, screening, cultivation gutters, heating, water and lightning can be highlighted. You can get a complete view of the project from inside and out. In this way, our commercial team can go through everything in detail with customers and adjust it where necessary. A wonderful process, assisted by a large dose of team spirit.


Our Research & Business development department plays a crucial role searching for suitable plots, applying for permits and ensuring the correct utility connections are available. We complete feasibility studies to substantiated investment opportunities. Havecon is an ideal party for this task, because we can completely unburden you from A to Z. We will expand these steps more and more in the future. Another important part of the process are 3D visualizations, which we can also provide in full. When location and dimensions of the project has been determined and cultivation and other important factors are known, our engineers will start working on creating a lifelike animation of the project. Even the future location and surroundings of the project can be visualized through Google Maps.


We are increasingly seeing new parties, mostly investors, entering the agricultural world. In most cases without green thumbs or experience, but with a clear business plan for a cultivation facility that usually consists of several phases and must be suitable for multiple cultivation purposes. At Havecon, we have responded to this in recent years by devising an alternative "commercial" model rather than simply requesting the wishes and requirements and drawing up an offer.

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