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Havelettuce Projects

In 2019 Havecon Horticultural Projects and Blueforest Environmental Development started with the idea to create a standardized hydroponic lettuce facility specifically for the North American market. After an extensive period of development, Havelettuce Projects became a reality in 2020. With over 100+ years of combined company experience and over 400 greenhouse facilities built Havecon and Blueforest ED are now offering standardized design and building of turnkey lettuce greenhouses. 

We have collaborated with 5 project partners and several suppliers with specific expertise in the areas of: land development, greenhouse construction, acquiring plant seeds, lettuce cultivation, irrigation, indoor climate, lighting, harvesting, IT, processing and packaging. We are making lettuce cultivation possible for anyone in any climate.

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Mission and vision

Unburden you like nobody else

Mission | Making lettuce cultivation in greenhouses possible for anyone in any climate by providing you all the necessary tools needed to succeed in the industry.

Vision To develop lettuce facilities throughout North America to support the local food movement by providing our customers the ability to harvest consistent and best-quality lettuce products year-round. 

Lettuce produced in our greenhouses will give retail customers peace of mind regarding food safety and traceability.  

Partners in business

Over 100+ years of combined experience gives you peace of mind


Doing business with Havelettuce Projects gives you the peace of mind of having over 100+ years of horticultural experience available to you. We know what we are talking about and are more than happy to share our expertise with you for your future lettuce project(s). The Havelettuce Projects partners and their respective websites can be found below.

Havecon Horticultural Projects

Havecon Horticultural Projects was founded in 2006. We are a flexible and customer-focused organization with a wealth of in-house experience in the design, manufacturing and completion of greenhouse horticulture projects. From initial idea to post-delivery service, we can guide you through every step of the construction process.

Voorwinden Group

Voorwinden was founded in 1987 and specializes in the excavation, construction and glazing of greenhouses. We exclusively work with Havecon on all their construction projects.

Blueforest ED

Since 2014 Blueforest Environmental Development has been working in the greenhouse sector developing projects for the North American market. Our team specializes in property identification, assessment, permitting, incentive procurement as well as project management and coordination.

PB tec

PB tec is a leader in the horticultural industry. We develop innovative and advanced solutions in the areas of electrical engineering, lighting, water engineering and automation for greenhouses.


VB Group is specialized in the design, engineering and execution of projects in greenhouse horticulture and industry in various climates around the world. Our focus is on providing “SMART Greenhouse Solutions” for the production of quality fresh food and colorful flowers and plants.


Hortiplan has been making hydroponic growing systems for leafy greens and herbs possible since 1994. We specialize in tailor-made fully automated mobile gully systems (MGS) that provides optimal plant density to produce highest production rates per square meter with limited labor, water and energy requirements compared to industry standards. We specialize in We specialize in the convenience market (salad mixes) with our Teenleaf concept and on the whole heads market (more than 150 grams).

Green Automation

Green Automation Group designs, develops, manufactures and markets fully automated Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) growing systems for commercial hydroponic leafy greens production. We deliver highly efficient and sustainable systems to greenhouse growers around the globe, enabling them to grow with unmatched plant density and harvest record yields which results in quick return on investments. Green Automation has a unique patented NFT continuous gutter system capable of growing both baby- and teen leaf fully automated, completing the entire growing cycle without the touch of a human hand.


Yamato is the leading provider of automatic, commercial, and industrial weighing solutions for the North American market. We offer a combination of different weighers, checkweighers and depositors that can address virtually any packaging application. Our scales provide supreme accuracy for all your weighing needs. Our tray fillers automatically portion fill vegetables and leafy greens into trays and pillow bags.

BASF Nunhems

BASF Vegetable Seed Division is responsible for all vegetable seed activities worldwide from research to after-sale support. Under the Nunhems brand we specialize in the breading of 24 crops and sell more than 1.200 different seed varieties. 

For more information please contact Carlos Umana, Senior Account Manager, BASF Vegetable Seeds. 
+1 209 210 8015


Heinzen Manufacturing International is an industry leader in food safe innovation.Heinzen provides full-service engineering and fabrication specializing in the design, production, and installation of food processing equipment including: dumpers, conveyors, slicers, cutting, washing and drying machines. For over 40 years we have drawn from a wide range of depth and experience, from custom-built lettuce processing lines to complete heavy construction projects. Please visit to learn more about Heinzen’ s Sanitation Passport™Program, Channelized™Construction and Custom Integrated Solutions.


Multivac is a leading worldwide manufacturer of integrated packaging solutions. In addition to manufacturing traysealing and thermoforming packaging machines, we produce our own denesting, labelling & marking, quality inspection and product handling equipment as well for seamless, turn-key primary packaging line integration.

Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan develops high-quality vegetable varieties for the professional agri-food sector. The vegetable breeding company is active in over 100 countries and offers more than 25 different crops. A growing number of high-tech greenhouses are being built and technology, data analytics and marketing are playing an ever-increasing role. Rijk Zwaan plays a leading role in these developments by offering its partners a broad range of services. By exchanging knowledge and ideas with growers about both production and sales, we help them to achieve maximum results and get a higher return on investment.

Hoogendoorn Growth Management

We support growers to create a profitable business in a sustainable way.

Are you looking for integrated automation solutions to achieve optimal crop production and a high quality? Are you striving for an efficient use of water, nutrients and energy? Do you want more insights into your cultivation and business processes in order to increase your business efficiency? Hoogendoorn Growth Management creates sustainable and user-friendly automation solutions for every type of horticultural company worldwide. Growth, continuity and innovation are at the heart of this.

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