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Written on June 5.2020

Project update week 23: just nicely building on!


Everyone who knows us a bit (or a bit more) knows that we like to keep going.
That's the reason the motto of this project update 'just building on nicely' matches us perfectly.

The speed of construction is unchanged and continues to be very high. We love it.

Are you joining us for this project update?  


Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP)

Starting with our projects in North America. Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP) is the first one. The momentum in Canadian St. Thomas remains! The glazing of the greenhouse has now been completed and construction of the sandwich and  gables will start next week.

Pure Flavor

In terms of construction, we are in the final phase at Pure Flavor. The facades will be installed this and next week.
From the end of this month, the pulling of the crop wire can already start.

Mid of July the sandwich and gables will be next .

JEM Farms

Digging of the greenhouse water discharge at JEM is progressing steadily! Construction will start in less than two weeks. The trellis for that have already been released, as the photo opposite shows.

With regard to the progress of the shed, we hope to finish the concrete work next week and also start the drainage for this building. Nicely being busy in Ruthven, Canada!


The glass flies on at project Redsun! That will remain the case in the coming weeks. More than 12 hectares is a considerable area to do so!

This week, the air mechanism has also started so the Voorwinden men know what to do!

Twin Creeks

What beauty's in Watford, Canada, if we may say so ourselves. We are of course talking about the new greenhouse and warehouse there.

And see for yourself, looking at the photo on the left we are quite sure you will agree...


The work in the first phase of this new project in Jarvis, Ontario (C), the concrete work of both the future greenhouse and warehouse, has been completed.

Digging of the drains will start shortly and construction of the warehouse will start mid-July.

Hoogweg fase 1

On to our European works.

Hoogweg Pepper Nurseries in Luttelgeest (NL) is the first project to review. Both greenhouses in the first phase are now glass-tight and the gables of the second greenhouse in this phase, greenhouse 3A, will be installed in the coming weeks. Then finishing work can start!

Serres d'Isigny

Another great achievement that the Voorwinden men deliver in France!

The last piece of steel construction was completed this week and the glass is also largely back on. Applying the ventilation is also running smoothly. Good job!



Grootscholte/4 Evergreen

Steel construction is scheduled to be completed next week, and meanwhile the glaziers can also enjoy themselves in Westdorpe in Zeeland!

The air mechanism is also under construction.

Baanheidehof 2

One project at Baanheidehof (B) has only just been completed and phase 2 is already in preparation!

Preparation of the building ground will start next week, immediately followed by the concrete work. On the right you see the land where things are about to happen.

Reytec Ammerlaan Sosef

We are progressing very fast in Honselersdijk (NL)!

Voorwinden  is busy finishing the sandwich and gables. The finishing phase will start from next week.

Kwekerij de 3-Hoek

Yet another new one added to this European project series: project de 3-Hoek.

Near the coast, an almost 4 hectare greenhouse for the cultivation of tomatoes will soon be built.

The pressing of the piles will start at the end of June.


The contours of the greenhouse at Overgaag (NL) are already visible! All piles have been pressed and the excavation and construction of the rainwater discharge system has also been completed.

Construction has started this week!

Cambridge HOK - Beeswax

We conclude this update with our English strawberry project for Cambrigde HOK: Beeswax Dyson Farms.

The concrete work is finished and this week digging the channels for the rainwater discharge system. At the same time, construction started! 

Let's keep in touch.

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