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Written on June 19.2020

Project update week 25: 'and the building story continues...!'!


We almost take it for granted that we are able to keep building on. But it is a fact: everything still runs smoothly. And we are happy with that! 

With this update we would like to show you where we are with our many projects in Europe and North America. Let's go!

Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP)

With the installation of the sandwich and gables, we are moving towards the finishing phase of project OPP. The spout gables are now being mounted in the corridor. In addition, the supplier of the screens is in our subcontracting working out the wires. The party that supplies the heating is busy with the piping on the facades. We should be a long way by mid-July!

Pure Flavor

Currently, the gables are placed in Staples, Ontario (C). Pulling the crop wire will also be starting soon, followed within a few weeks by the sandwich and the sandwich gables.

JEM Farms

As you could read and see on our Social Media channels, the construction of the greenhouse started earlier this week! And that construction is progressing very well; the first part of the steel construction is shown again, as you can see in the photo on the right.
We will continue to build in the coming weeks and will start glazing again in mid-July. Making good progress there!


Glazing the greenhouse has now been completed at RedSun. So the deck is closed!
At the moment people are busy with the air mechanism and the gable work is starting within two weeks. In addition, the heating is currently being installed and the first activities for the screening are being carried out. Finally, the warehouse is under construction, as is the sandwich. Nicely on schedule!

Twin Creeks

The construction work was completed in Watford, Canada. The subcontractors are now working on the finishing and soon the ground cloth will go into the greenhouse. That always produces beautiful pictures, which we will of course not withhold from you!


Construction preparations are now in full swing at Proplant. For example, the concrete worker is busy with the cistern. All building materials are currently at sea and construction will start in early / mid-July. Here you can see a nice overview photo of the place where greenhouse and warehouse, a total of about 2.6 hectares, will soon raise.

European works

Hoogweg fase 1

Hoogweg Pepper nurseries in Luttelgeest are getting off the ground. The last update has arrived for this project, because we are now in the finishing phase. Within a few weeks, the bell pepper plants will be brought into both greenhouses and Leo Hoogweg's pepper empire will be expanded by 24 hectares!

Serres d'Isigny

How fast we go in Normandy! Steel construction will be completed next week. The air mechanism and the sandwich are now ready. Starting next week, it will be the turn of the sandwich facades and we can already look forward to the finish.

Grootscholte/4 Evergreen

Glazing and more glazing in Westdorpe in the dutch provence of Zeeland! The deck should be closed by the end of next week and the air technology will also be completed. The gable work will start at the end of July.


Baanheidehof 2

Next week, the drain for the rainwater discharge system will be dug in Beerse, Belgium. Construction will start early next month.

Reytec Ammerlaan Sosef

This is also the latest update for the ReyTec Ammerlaan Sosef project in Honselersdijk. The construction of the new greenhouse is finished. In a few weeks, some final work on an existing greenhouse will take place and the work will be completed there.

Kwekerij de 3-Hoek

Preparations for the 3-Hoek project have started today. The posts will be pressed next week and after that the concrete work will start. The drain of the rainwater discharge will be dug the following week. Planned start construction is mid-July.


Construction is on full steam in the heart of Westland! The steel rises very fast and so the first glass will also go up in the foreseeable future. The air mechanism will be installed in parallel.

Cambridge HOK - Beeswax

The construction of the strawberry greenhouse for CHOK in England is also going very well! Much of the steel is already in place and will be phased out in the coming weeks.
In mid-July, according to current planning, the first glass will go on.

Gebr. van Duijn

We end this project update with a nice, new project: we are allowed to build a 2.7 hectare greenhouse for growing aubergines in Westdorpe for Gebr. van Duijn.

The stake out was done yesterday and next week the posts will be pressed and the concrete work will start.

Let's keep in touch.

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